The Rooftop

Bushwick's open-air Summer bar & venue destination

Our rooftop is now open with new COVID-19 safety precautions! Click here for more information.

Elsewhere Rooftop is a large seasonal outdoor bar and events space nested at the top of Elsewhere. On offer, the menu includes craft beer, signature frozen drinks, spiked hot drinks, rosé, and much more!

Before planning your trip to Elsewhere Rooftop, please review our new COVID-19 health precautions for entry & service, and learn more about what to expect from the experience below. You can also check our new hours, or book a private rental for group sizes under 50.

Online bookings for table reservations and VIP packages are now available here!
Entry is free! Reservations are a way to guarantee seats, but not required. Please check our online booking policy at the bottom of this page for details.

Mixes and playlists curated by the Elsewhere team whenever we’re open! We invite guest artists to perform on our music livestream series on Twitch, happening every week on Thursdays and Saturdays. These livestreams take place in a separate room indoors at Elsewhere with no in-person audience. We will be streaming music to the rooftop while the Saturday livestreams are happening. Tune in to our Twitch channel at @elseworldtv, and follow us to be notified whenever we’re live.

New Experience

Seated service only ⚈ Intimate table capacity ⚈ Walk up or reserve!


Mobile phone ordering ⚈ Contactless payment & service

(more info on ordering will be available at your table)


Curated playlists by team Elsewhere. We invite guest artists to perform on our livestreams, happening every Thursday and Saturday. They take place indoors, closed to the public. We will be streaming music to the rooftop on Saturdays while it's happening!

Rooftop Hours

please note our dates of operation have changed, and the Rooftop will be open Fridays and Saturdays each week

Fri: 6.00 PM - 11.00 PM (closed on 10/16 due to weather)
Sat: 3.00 PM - 11.00 PM

dependent on weather conditions, please check @elsewherespace on Instagram for immediate updates!

Tune into ELSEWORLD TV live from Elsewhere

Upcoming Streams

Thu 10/22

Fri 10/23

Sat 10/24

Wed 10/28

All upcoming Sunstreams

In the Press

“[Elsewhere's] sharp curation and pretension-free atmosphere have made it a welcome addition to the area's already vibrant nightlife scene. This summer, Elsewhere is set the unveil its crown jewel: a 500-capacity rooftop with a bar that will be home to art installations, film screenings and performances.”

As seen in Timeout New York

“Today, with summer undeniably (if unofficially) here, they’re putting the proverbial cherry on this sundae with the opening of the Rooftop ... It is, in other words, another welcome addition to New York’s booze-in-the-sky scene.”

As seen in New York Magazine's Grub Street

“…the space attracts people who are generally on the cutting edge of something. Since it’s still early days, you’ll find yourself among the insider crowd. If you’re in town, you should go — first, because it’s going to be a good time, and second, so you can tell future generations of New Yorkers that you were there when Elsewhere first opened its roof. This is history.”

As seen in The New York Times


YES, you can rent Elsewhere for your private event, company happy hour, live stream, film or photo shoot, provided that your party size adheres to the capacity limitations dictated by the city's Phase 4 re-opening guidelines! For more details and requests, please contact us at

Online Booking Policy

All members of the party must be present to enter the venue with a government-issued ID.

All cancellations for VIP / Birthday Packages will incur a 25% fee of the total package price at all times. Cancellations for non-package table reservations will incur a fee of $15 per person for parties of 8 or more and $10 per person for parties of 7 or less if not submitted 5 days prior to the reservation time.

Changes in reservation times and amount of guests must be notified and confirmed 24 hours in advance.

The maximum guest count is 10 per reservation, and grouping 2 or more tables for 11 or more guests is not allowed due to health and safety regulations.

Non-package table reservations will have a maximum 15 minute grace period after which the reservation will be lost.

We reserve the right to refuse and terminate service in the event that venue policies and protocols are not followed.

By making a reservation, you understand and agree to abide by all health-related requirements for entry and service. See our full policy at

More information here

For any questions, shoot us an email at