Thursday·HiFi™ 2023.11.16

Staff picks from across the Elsewhere-verse, and selects from friends in our Discord #💽music-chat channel → featuring an AOTY candidate, fresh takes on shoegaze, new PinkPanthress and Jazztronica.


By Elsewhere@elsewherespace

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11 tracks you should know this week:

ML Buch - Suntub LP
“Album of the year???” -Mika, Marketing
⮑"The hold this album has had on the office should be studied.” -Jai, Content

PinkPanthress, Kelela - Bury me
“i love this because it combines the sultry style of Kelela with the pop-y vocals of PinkPantheress. it's so interesting hearing her on this kind of track” -DeiVonte, Socials

ENNY, Smino - Charge It Remix
“I feel like Smino has been one of the most interesting voices in rap and R&B for a while now and he always kills his features. Got put onto ENNY through this track as well!” -Jai, Content

Daniel Avery - Need Electric (2023 Redux)
“I need to hear this one at a warehouse basked in red. Love the acid, bouncy synth line in this.”
-Not Zero via discord

anamē - Beautiful World LP
“new anamē album slays” -rsnrsnrsn via discord

Hotline TNT - Protocol
“new hotline tnt. who up gazing at their shoes?” -Sophia, Marketing

“MADGE stays making the most inventive alt pop, and is so slept on!” -Mo, Marketing

Miya Folick - Cockroach
-Mo, Marketing

DJ HEARTSTRING, Narciss - Heartbreak Repair System
-Arianna, Booking

Haiku Hands - Cool for You
-Austin, Booking

Sofia Kourtesis - Si Te Portas Bonito
-Hannah, Booking

I need to hear this one at a warehouse basked in red.

Scene-scapes ↓

Jazztronica Rises
by Corey

Gen Z’s propensity for genre-fusing has finally led us to the revitalization of the sonic palette known as Jazztronica. The genre is characterized by the synthesis of improvisational jazz, programmed funk beats and synths. The sound is both radically virtuosic and playfully chopped up – a combination of qualities you’ll find in both 20th-century jazz icons and the 21st-century’s chronically online zoomers. Like its cousin acid jazz, Jazztronica emerged parallel to the electronic music scene of the 1990s with artists such as St Germain and Nujabes. Within the last few years, a surge of artists including DOMi & JD BECK, BADBADNOTGOOD, and Sen Morimoto ushered a new wave of Jazztronica that merges traditional, boundless improvisation with electronic experimentation. Here’s some tracks that flip the upright bass right on its head, in the best way:

St Germain - Rose rouge
Dizzy Gillespie, NerdStar - Tin Tin Deo (Nerdstar Remix
Soundscape Orchestra - Dream Drone
DOMi & JD BECK, Herbie Hancock - MOON
Sen Morimoto - Pressure on the Pulse

Here’s some tracks that flip the upright bass right on its head, in the best way.

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LA-based DJ and producer Rinzen walks us through a decade of his favorite deep electronic cuts –