PopGun Presents

Moon King

The Gloomies and Masino

Wednesday 12 Jun, 2019

Doors: 8:00 PM

#pop #alternative Season-6

Located in Zone One

AGE 16+

moon king, the musical project of daniel woodland, has returned to making the indie rock music we all yearn for, but this time the sound is more disco than lo-fi. inspired by the detroit dance music and dj culture, the artist is reimagining the sound of contemporary rock music, integrating intoxicating beats that will make you want lay it all out there like you’re back in a 70’s discotheque. moon king has toured with the likes of unknown mortal orchestra and majical cloudz, and has drawn from each of these bands sounds, adding synth pop and stirring beats to his hook ridden new album, ‘voice of lovers’ ~

Moon King