Eel Sewer by Zoe Burke

Wednesday 22 May
 – Tuesday 09 Jun, 2020

Zoe Burke transforms our staircase into an immersive sci-fi environment.

#painting #immersive #wall-hanging #virtual-reality #vector-illustration #mixed-media #indie-gaming #design #landscape

Located in Zone One

This installation by Zoe Burke is a contemporary Boschian cityscape that follows a contiguous course through the stairwell. It is a psychogeographical mapping of conceptual futures as they occur both in Cartesian space and in the realm of magical realism. It is a city designed for Luigi Serafini, Jean Baudrillard, Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges to visit in their dreams and to take up residence in after their deaths.


Zoe Burke (b.1991, NYC) is a transmedia artist who is invested in exploring our relationship with hyperconnectivity and the increasing degree of mutability on all fronts of contemporary society. Working with video, language, illustration, sound, sculpture and performance, Burke seeks to establish that societal concepts of identity and symbolism are as tenuous as we see to craft them. She is deeply invested in the action of taking back language from the corporations that have colonized it. As the post-Americana musician Sapphogeist, Zoe is consistently in dialogue with the hypermasculine lens of culture as seen through the lens of late capitalism. As an illustrator, Zoe plays with utopian and dystopian imagery gleaned from the sci-fi universes of her formative youth. She rages in the ether somewhere outside of the art world machine; creating spatial and linguistic cinema that captures the complexity and absurdity of the modern arena, violence, and the banality of that which cannot be made truth or falsehood.

Eel Sewer by Zoe Burke