Landscape x Olympia

Tuesday 25 Jun
 – Monday 05 Aug, 2019

Landscape introduces their second movie theater partnership with curatorial collective Olympia.


Olympia and Landscape are proud to present a monthlong video program focused on showcasing the work of women and genderqueer artists. Every week showcases a different group of artists in Landscape's Project Space Pop-Up Theater. Gender-identity, intersectionality, and the body are central components to the 4-week residency, but the range of subject matter extends well beyond the scope of queer & femme experience, with a particular interest in videos that do things – that in some way perform actions. All of the selected works provoke a reshaping of our experience as audience.

Olympia (the curatorial project of Ali Rossi), in collaboration with guest curator Eliza Doyle, seeks to provide a context for women and queer artists to show moving image work. Their purpose is to create a forum for artists and filmmakers to engage in an ongoing dialogue over the course of their residency at Landscape.

Olympia and Landscape are aligned in their missions to facilitate alternative contexts for experiencing and curating contemporary art. These organizations aim to present work that is directly reflective of its time, context, and surrounding community, with a particular focus on representing queer and POC voices. In a wealth-saturated contemporary art world, it is more critical than ever to foster DIY spaces (both physical and digital) that speak to a diverse range of artists and creators. Elsewhere's support in organizing and hosting this residency has been invaluable. Landscape’s multidisciplinary gallery space, and dedicated leadership has sharpened and expanded the possibilities of this residency from the very beginning.

Program schedule:

MELTING (June 25- July 1)

SPLITTING (July 3 - 8)

JESTING (July 9 - 15)

SUSPENDING (July 16 - 22)

MAPPING (July 23 - 29)

HEAPING (July 30 - August 5)

Participating Artists:
Andres Azzolina @ruido.montessori
Ilana Harris-Babou @ilanahbhb
Amandla Baraka @totheppl
Annika Berry @midnight_cow
Henry Belden
Heather Benjamin @heatherbenjamin_
Samantha CC @samantha___cc
ChameckiLerner @chameckilerner
Claire Christerson @clairechristerson
KYUN-CHOME @kyunchome
Gabriel Cohen @someadult
LeLe Dai @guppydaughter
Eliza Doyle @eliza_soiled
Hannah Garner @2ndbestdance
Morrison Gong @morrisongong
Victoria Gong @vicxxciii
Scottie Harvey @scohart
Maggie Hazen @maggiehazen
Aminah Ibrahim @_._aminah_._
Jasia Kaulbach @jasiaka
Rachel Kaly @rachel.kaly
Hazel Katz @it_got_better
Victoria Keddie @vict_0r
Simone Leitner @simonleitner
Gara Lonning @garararararara
Jordan Lord @jrd_lord
Erica Magrey @ericamagrey
Mar G. Mcmahon @femmewad
Selina Miles @selinamiles
Yao Ruilin @yaoruilinyao
Rebecca Shapass @rshapass
Lily Jue Sheng @lilyjshhh
Hil Steadman @hil.steadman
Ariel Noltimier Strauss
Candace Thompson @kandeetee
Ziyi Wang @sp1zy
Joanna Warren @joannasmovementblogg5678
Tæhëe Whang @whitemalepainter
Lili White @liliwhitenyc
Elise Wunderlich @home_depot_romance
Caroline Yost @caro.snake

Landscape x Olympia