Landscape x UnionDocs

Monday 19 Aug
 – Tuesday 10 Sep, 2019

Landscape and UnionDocs have teamed up for a special partnership featuring films about Williamsburg and Bushwick.


Each year, UnionDocs supports and produces a new collection of short documentaries in collaboration with artists in their ongoing Collaborative Studio, a singular venture for collectively conceived, researched and produced documentary art. Now in its tenth year, the UNDO CoLAB models a new structure for documentary-making that asks a diverse group of emerging media-makers to work together to research and produce nonfiction projects around a shared theme. This program will feature a selection of this work produced over the past 10 years in response to the given prompts that are chosen to uncover hidden poetics, important truths, and preserve stories that may otherwise be overlooked.

This collection of films UnionDocs presenting with Landscape is selected from two different prompts that UnionDocs explored with the Collaborative Studio over the years:

First an expansive and hyperlocal look at UnionDocs’ home neighborhood in the Southside of Williamsburg, known by its long-term Latino residents as Los Sures. The neighborhood was one of the poorest in New York City in the late 70s and early 80s and had been called the worst ghetto in America. LIVING LOS SURES explores this space as a battleground undergoing rapid change, fighting the tension between local identity and luxury lifestyle.

The other works featured in this collection fall under a multi-year project titled JUST TO GET BY which uses two focal points to understand the creative solutions and exceptional sacrifices made ordinary at a time in NYC when, by many measures, inequality is increasing. Starting off in 2015 by entering on remarkable spaces of community and resistance, or centering unshakeable duos, odd couples, and partners that stabilize us in the struggle at a time when 50% of the population lives near or below the federal poverty level. In 2017 we expanded the prompt, presenting a call to respond to the to unremitting xenophobic policies and rhetoric from the Trump administration. These works support diversity and inclusion through connecting to individuals, families, and communities whose pathways to NYC are recent, whose circumstances reflect the contemporary moment, and whose presence broaden and update a picture of life in the city when more than a third of all current residents are foreign born, the largest number in the city’s history.

At its most fundamental, the goal of this work and of the CoLAB is to raise questions and seek answers thoughtfully, critically and collectively in our communities in hopes of finding new points of connection.

Landscape x UnionDocs