All Paths Lead Down the Toilet by Madeline Manning

Friday 16 Mar
 – Saturday 21 Sep, 2019

Madeline Manning's intervention turns the Loft bathrooms into a portal into another world.

#immersive #landscape

Located in The Loft

The three toilet seats for "All Paths Lead Down the Toilet" invite a particular, intimate interaction with painted dream-like spaces inspired by Elsewhere's labyrinthian layout. Manning’s work focuses on building’s surreal worlds and creating the possibility for an immersive experience.


Madeline Manning is a Brooklyn based visual artist painting toilet seats and canvas. She is interested in creating work that feels like its own world, that has an immersive quality and particular atmosphere. Madeline often improvises and paints from her imagination, inspired by surrealism, the intricacies of human faces and bodies as well as architecture, fashion and sci-fi. She spent her childhood in Paris, France and some of her first inspiration came from the rooftops of Haussmann buildings, the infinite stairways and doors in medieval towns and tiny alleyways. In school, Madeline studied cinema where she learned how costumes, mise-en-scene, and other technical elements combine to provide the viewer with a highly specific experience. Her goal is to use that idea to create the possibility for an adventure or experience outside of people's day-to-day.

All Paths Lead Down the Toilet by Madeline Manning