FELT Zine Project Room Residency

Thursday 24 Oct
 – Saturday 01 Feb, 2020

Net Art collective FELT Zine takes over Landscape's Project Space with a special AR immersive experience and a curated collection of their favorite videos.


FeltZine arrives to stage a new type of internet art takeover in the Elsewhere Loft Space that blurs the line between URL and IRL experiences. FELT will be showcasing 3D visual art throughout the Loft space while presenting new interactive augmented reality artworks that touch upon topics of digital activism, self-identity, personhood, and digital liberation. All 3D interactive artworks will be fully accessible to the general public.


FELT is an experimental internet art platform and artist collective. Its IRL and URL experiences examine digital activism, hip hop culture, race, gender, and class. Since the start of FELT in 2011, the collective comprised of Mark Sabb, Devon Moore and Jawn Billetes.

Mark Sabb, aka Mark Digital, is a net artist, curator, and founder of the FELT collective. Mark’s work focuses on themes related to gangsta rap, black history and culture, and the youth-oriented energy of hip hop. From the initial founding of FELT, Mark has infused politics and protest into his brand of internet art.

Devon​ ​Moore​ ​aka Dev Moore, is ​a ​net ​artist, ​curator, ​creative ​technologist, ​and ​member ​of ​the ​FELT ​collective. Dev’s ​work ​incorporates ​technology, ​modern-day ​youth experiences, ​personhood, ​hip-hop, ​and more all while referencing ​components of ​tech ​culture.

Jawn Billetes, the internet's "cyber chola", creates 3D art and Virtual Reality simulations that center around ideas born out of the zeitgeist of universal Narco culture & American culture, while exploring the juxtapositions between luxury, wealth, and self actualization.