Water Closet by Bread Face

Wednesday 22 May
 – Monday 09 Sep, 2019

Viral sensation Bread Face creates a customized breadfacing for our Loft Video Program.

#immersive #light-sculpture #virtual-reality #mixed-media #landscape Season-6

Located in The Loft

Bread Face loves going out, she loves dancing, she loves being smushed together with a bunch of strangers but it's crucial for her to have solitude at different points in the night. Knowing that she can be alone even in a public setting is essential and, most of the time, it’s the bathroom, so she wanted to create her ideal mini escape. She's not a gamer but whether it’s watching her brother play or clicking game walkthroughs online, she has always thought water levels were the best. Bread Face thinks a lot of people can agree they’re so much more ambient than the rest. Plus, she's a sucker for a good synth and she always thought the song she chose would make a killer water level song.


Bread Face is a creative consultant/writer by day who accidentally stumbled upon an audience and the title “artist” after her instagram account went “viral” four years ago. Originally, she just wanted a creative outlet for herself and she already had this tic. She also figured it might make someone feel better out there. You know that weak, tired laugh that you do sometimes? The kind that only comes out after you’ve already had an incredibly long, shitty day and something else goes horribly wrong? That’s kind of what Bread Face wanted to elicit. She still breadfaces! But she also creates relaxing, soothing, ASMR-esque videos and a mini series called “Feel Good” where she createsa montage of calming videos loosely tied to a theme.

Water Closet by Bread Face