Ampersand Box by Alina Tenser

Thursday 17 Jan
 – Wednesday 13 Mar, 2019

Landscape's video art program currently hosts Alina Tenser's "Ampersand Box", which hypnotically calls into question our relationship with perspective as a pink box moves, shifts, folds, disappears, and reappears in space.

#virtual-reality #design #projection-art

Located in The Loft

In “Ampersand Box”, Alina Tenser proposes an interior volume of a box that exists independently from the exterior definition of its form. While the movement of the box is steady and deliberate, the expanse of volume is unpredictable. Within several seconds the interior space shifts from alluding concrete depth to becoming a disappearing sliver. In scrutinizing this simple five-sided container form, Tenser is examining the subjective nature of constraint- physical, circumstantial, emotional, often incorporeal in nature. While the short video loop rarely offers a chance for one to grasp the complete form, it allows for an intimate knowledge of the form through fragmented reveals.


Alina Tenser is a Ukrainian born multi-disciplinary artist living and working in New York. Tenser’s practice is rooted in sculptural inquiry into dimension and form. Through this lens, she moves fluidly from sculpture to video to performance. Her work emphasizes the performative nature of objects and the formal potential of the body. Tenser received her BFA from School of Visual Arts and her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards including Dedalus Foundation Emerging Artist Fellowship and the Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Tenser has held solo exhibitions at Soloway Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; AIR, New York, NY; Nurture Art, Brooklyn, NY; and Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been exhibited at venues including MoMa, New York, NY, The Kitchen, New York, NY; Susan Inglett Gallery, New York, NY; The Suburban, Chicago, IL; and Laurel Gitlen Gallery, New York, NY; Kate Werble, New York, NY; Gallery Diet, Miami, FL;. Most recently her work has been exhibited at the Queens Museum where Tenser is currently an artist in residence.

Ampersand Box by Alina Tenser