Under the Stairwell by David B. Smith

Tuesday 05 Feb
 – Wednesday 04 Sep, 2019

David B. Smith brings a thriving ecosystem of color and energy to the darkest underbelly of the venue.

#sculpture #mixed-media Elsewhere-Fall

Under the Stairs is a sculptural space of biomorphic wonder, color, and energy in an otherwise dark and overlooked area within Elsewhere. David B. Smith imagined what might live under a staircase: a creature hiding in its lair; a network of fungus; a colony of insect eggs, and then set forth to create more than 80 brightly colored jelly bean-like pillows that could evoke these and a myriad of other forms and thoughts. His intent in arranging them is not to create one distinct sculpture, but to make the space itself the piece, so that people passing through or lingering in this liminal space can feel the potential and life energy that grows out of the shadows.


David B. Smith holds an MFA from Bard College and has been awarded residencies by Apex Art, New Zealand; Socrates Sculpture Park, The Art and Law Program, BOFFO, and Waterpod, NY; Franconia Sculpture Park, MN; Marble House Project, VT; and Harold Arts, OH. His work has appeared in exhibitions at MoMA PS1, The International Center of Photography, Asia Song Society and 56 Henry Gallery, with solo shows at Halsey McKay Gallery, The Spring Break Art Show and LMAK Gallery. His work has been discussed in the New York Times, The Observer, Art Fag City, Textile Plus, Fanzine, The Washington Post, Miami New Times and others. His work is in the collection of The Beinecke Library at Yale University and Peggy Cooper Caftritz. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Under the Stairwell by David B. Smith