Singing Stairs by Matteah Baim

Tuesday 04 Sep
 – Thursday 20 Dec, 2018

Matteah Baim's sound art piece rewards those who venture up the stairs with an interactive sonic composition.

#immersive #sound-art

Music venues are shaped by their audiences and artists. Having been on both sides of the curtain, Matteah Baim has seen the whittled marks left behind. From irreverent artifacts, inspiring testimonials, and well worn atmospheres, we are left with a very intimate sense of history and time. Baim’s project at Elsewhere makes note of this relationship, offering a new take on that organic exchange. Designed to be a reprieve from the passive absorption of sound and stimuli, Singing Stairs responds to each passerby with a series of tones. Stepping into sounds, climbers and descenders intertwine to create a new tableau. Whether saying goodbye or hello, participants are assured their presence matters as there is only a musical piece when they are present to make it play.


Matteah Baim is a New York based musician. She has released four studio albums and toured with artists, Antony and the Johnsons, Perfume Genius, Devendra Banhart, and Lower Dens. She has appeared at ATP, Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit and The Meltdown Festival. Along with touring and recording, Baim has also worked on sound editing, mixing, and composing for a variety of multimedia projects.

Singing Stairs by Matteah Baim