Sedimenting Skin by Bahareh Khoshooee

Tuesday 04 Sep
 – Tuesday 13 Nov, 2018

Bahareh Khoshooee shines a light on the Skybridge with her multimedia installation.

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In Sedimenting Skin, Bahareh Khoshooee explores the interwoven visual information generated and accumulated by social media, as well as compound narratives, pop culture trend patterns, and visual outlier data. Through the accrual and curation of “shared” and “repurposed” imagery, she questions the quotidian in relation to self-image, perception of the other, and the automatic activation of stereotypes and threat. The end result is a convoluted and ever-shifting digital skin of algorithmic content projected upon the static and tangible aggregate of familiar yet foreign objects. We are who we follow, we are who we watch; the self and the other are becoming intertwined. Our virtual identity is the product of all that we search, view, like, and share. Although physical borders do not exist within social media, market driven data analytics have pigeon-holed us as citizens of a virtual universe. In Sedimenting Skin, Khoshooee examines the role social media plays in shaping one’s identity and global contemporary culture.


Bahareh Khoshooee was born in Tehran, Iran, in the year of the goat, 1991. She received her MFA in Studio Art from the University of South Florida (2017) and her BA in Industrial Design from University of Tehran (2014). She has exhibited both nationally internationally with her most recent shows at Museum of Photography (Stockholm), Untitled Art Fair 2017 (Miami), Fajr International Film Festival 2018 (Tehran), Rawson Projects (New York), Museum of Fine Arts Saint Petersburg (Florida), Contemporary Art Museum (Florida), The Front (New Orleans), and CAA 2017. She was recently commissioned to create a video piece for Spotify’s very first audiobook. Her work is soon to be exhibited at Gallery C24 (New York), and Coco Hunday (Florida). Khoshooee attended Skowhegan School of Art and Painting this summer, and will be attending Triangle residency in the Fall. She served as an artist-in-residence at Ox-Bow and ACRE Residency. Khoshooee has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, HyperAllergic, Artnet News, Vice, The Metro, and The Creators Project.

Sedimenting Skin by Bahareh Khoshooee