Google Gradient & A.S.A. by Art404 Collective

Sunday 29 Oct
 – Friday 12 Jan, 2018

Art404 Collective takes over the Elsewhere courtyard with two interactive installations.

#sculpture #wall-hanging

The Art404 collective has been invited to take over Elsewhere's entrance courtyard! Meet A.S.A. (Automated Sculpture Automaton): a robot sculpture obsessed with it’s own internet presence. A.S.A. uses face detection to take selfies with everyone around it and it's own Elsewhere Twitter account to upload them.​ Nearby, over half a million images scraped from Google Images have been sorted by color via MatLab algorithm and printed across large building-scale banners.


ART404 is an NY based collective who's work is motivated by the rapid evolution of contemporary technologies, from machine learning algorithms and social media bots to projects built in, and intended for VR. Creating digital simulations of both familiarity and distance, ART404 intends to pose questions to their audience rather than make statements.

Google Gradient & A.S.A. by Art404 Collective